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1 a message (spoken or written) that is introduced or inserted; "with the help of his friend's interpolations his story was eventually told"; "with many insertions in the margins" [syn: interpolation]
2 the act of putting one thing into another [syn: introduction, intromission]

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  1. the act of inserting, or something inserted
  2. the point of attachment of a muscle to a bone
  3. the addition of a nucleotide to a chromosome by mutation

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Earth insertion, LEM, LM, access, admission, apogee, aside, attitude-control rocket, ballistic capsule, booking, burn, capsule, cataloging, chronicling, deep-space ship, docking, docking maneuver, enlistment, enrollment, entering, entrance, entree, entry, episode, ferry rocket, fuel ship, impanelment, import, importation, importing, income, incoming, indexing, infiltration, infix, ingoing, ingress, ingression, injection, inlay, input, inscribing, inscription, insert, inset, insinuation, intake, intercalation, interjection, interlineation, interlocution, interpenetration, interpolation, introduction, introgression, intrusion, inventorying, leakage, listing, logging, lunar excursion module, lunar module, manned rocket, matriculation, module, moon ship, multistage rocket, obiter dictum, orbit, parenthesis, parking orbit, penetration, percolation, perigee, posting, reception, record keeping, recordation, recording, reentry, register, registration, registry, remark, rocket, seepage, shuttle rocket, side remark, soft landing, space capsule, space docking, space rocket, spacecraft, spaceship, tabulation, tessera, tossing-in
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